Yelp Marketing – Smart strategy for nail salons in the US


Yelp is a powerful online marketing platform for businesses of all sizes, from small to large. The astonishing fact is that there are tens of millions of users searching every month, and they are ready to hire or purchase products and services here. Having a presence on this platform helps boost your business’s reputation and attract more local customers.

With strong support from Yelp Marketing, businesses have the opportunity to grow and increase sales figures, becoming more successful in the increasingly competitive market of today. In the article below, EMS will help you better understand Yelp and guide you in choosing Yelp to promote your business and reach millions of potential customers everywhere.

How does Yelp Marketing impact nail and spa owners in the US?

Yelp – the review and social rating platform, has become a crucial deciding factor for nail and spa owners nowadays. With millions of users and thousands of reviews, Yelp Marketing can have a significant and comprehensive impact on their business operations. Business owners need to consider Yelp as part of their overall online marketing strategy and seize the opportunity to enhance customer relationships and build their reputation on this platform.

Impact of Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and feedback from customers on Yelp can greatly influence the trust and purchasing decisions of potential customers. Positive reviews help build the reputation and credibility of the business. This can increase the chances of attracting new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones. However, negative reviews can also cause considerable damage to the business’s image. Handling responses well and addressing customer issues publicly can help mitigate this negative impact.

Impact from Rankings and Sorting

Yelp uses an algorithm to rank and sort businesses on its platform. Positive ratings, positive reviews, and active interactions from customers can increase a business’s ranking and push it higher in Yelp’s search results. To optimize their ranking on Yelp, businesses need to ensure they have a substantial number of positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customers.

Furthermore, interacting with customers on Yelp and responding to reviews can improve engagement and increase the likelihood of appearing at the top of search results.

Enhanced Discoverability

Yelp has a large user base and is a popular search platform. Therefore, having a business page on Yelp can enhance the discoverability of the business on the internet. To optimize discoverability on Yelp, businesses need to ensure that their business page is complete, accurate, and appealing. Images and detailed descriptions of products and services can attract the attention of potential customers.


3 ways to improve marketing on Yelp platform for businesses
To improve your nail salon, spa in the US, you can try the following 3 marketing methods on the Yelp platform:

1. Create a remarkable business profile
First, make sure that your business profile on Yelp is complete and complete with the necessary information. Add quality images and detailed descriptions of your services. Also, don’t forget to update your salon’s contact information and business hours so customers can easily find and contact you.

2. Manage reviews and feedback
Leverage Yelp reviews and ratings to build trust and increase your findability. Don’t forget to follow up and respond quickly to any reviews, both positive and negative. This shows that you care about your customers’ opinions and are willing to improve your service.

3. Use advertising on Yelp
Yelp also offers advertising services to increase your visibility. You might consider placing ads on Yelp to expose your nail salon or spa to a wider potential customer base. Take advantage or contact Yelp advertising agencies to increase brand awareness and generate interest in your services.


Detailed instructions on how to join and use Yelp Marketing in just 6 steps
Setting up an account and using Yelp Marketing is easy and completely free unless you add paid or promotional options to expand your reach on the platform. From building and optimizing your business profile to managing Yelp, it’s in these 6 steps:

1. Register your Yelp Business profile

Check that your business is not on Yelp before creating a new profile. To do this, you can search for your business in the search bar. Create a new profile by navigating to the footer, clicking the “Confirm Your Business Page” option, and following the steps to create your business page.

2. Add your business information

After creating your business profile, complete it by providing as much information as possible about your company to maximize the chances of someone finding your business profile on Yelp. In your Yelp business profile you need to complete the following 9 items:

  • Company’s name
  • Category
  • Location
  • Hour
  • Contact Information (Including phone numbers, email, and any other frequently used contact methods).
    Your website address
  • Other business information section (This section includes additional information relevant to your category or categories).
  • Business Description: Add a summary description of up to 1,500 characters. Please list information about the company’s services, or strengths, business history, employees, etc.
  • Photo Gallery: Upload between 5 and 10 quality images that represent your business, such as photos of your store, interior and exterior, products, services, etc.

3. Get Reviews

Yelp Review has an influence on SEO ranking research and business reviews. At the same time, it has a great impact on the final buying and using behavior of businesses as analyzed above. Therefore, first of all, you must ensure your business always has high quality reviews from customers. Start your new profile with reviews from friends and family, etc. You can also get new customers to leave reviews through promotions and discounts.

4. Follow and Answer Questions & Reviews

Entrepreneurs should check their Yelp account daily, regularly for new reviews, good or bad, and respond to them immediately. Make sure you leave a public response for each review by going to the reviews section of your business account, finding the relevant review, and clicking “Add public comment.” Enter your feedback, click “Preview”, then “Post Comment”.


5. Use advanced features on your Business Page

You can upgrade your Yelp business profile with premium site features. Advanced features include: adding a call-to-action button, including an enhanced photo gallery, and removing competitor ads from your profile page. Additionally, Yelp Deals allows you to offer exclusive offers on your profile, such as discounts or gift certificates, to monetize your account.

6. Advertise on Yelp

Advertising on Yelp increases traffic to your business listing, thereby attracting new customers. It achieves this through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that positions your company profile at the top of search results. Yelp advertising costs for these ads vary, for more information you can consult a Yelp advertising specialist or contact the EMS company at the following numbers:

  • Hotline US: +1 (919) 916 4568 – 828 623 9568
  • Hotline UK: +44 7441 468 068

Join Yelp Marketing quickly and experience the incredible benefits that this platform brings to your business!


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