Filter bad reviews – An opportunity to build a positive image for nail salons and spas


When the nail industry is very competitive, how do you build yourself a good and outstanding personal brand? How do customers trust your services? 

Usually, customers will judge your salon based on the rating and positive reviews on social networking sites. Reviews have a lot of influence on psychology and make decisions about whether or not to use your services. 

In order to save time for shop owners in managing customer feedback, EMS Marketing has designed Web Booking software that is integrated with many smart features, including bad review filtering function!

Why are other nail salons rated 5.0 and you are below 4.0?

Rating 5.0 is always the desire of many business owners, not only for the nail service industry or spa, restaurant, and hotel industry. Sometimes, the rating is also an opportunity for everyone to have a better overview of the service they provide, thereby offering appropriate solutions. 

However, negative and rampant feedback on Google will also affect your salon’s brand. How many customers dare to trust your shop after reading too many bad comments?

There are nail salons that receive a lot of positive feedback from 5.0 but you are still below 4.0, it could be due to some of the following reasons:

  1. Unsatisfactory service: If the nail salon does not provide clean quality services, does not ensure hygiene or uses poor products and does not meet customer requirements. Customers usually expect good service for the money they spend. If they are not satisfied, they can leave negative feedback about the nail salon.
  2. Bad service attitude: The service attitude of nail salon staff can affect 70% of customer feedback. The most common attitude mistakes are: staff are not polite, unfriendly or do not take care of customers carefully, customers may feel uncomfortable and complain about the service of the salon.
  3. Management issues: If the nail salon does not have a good management process, there can be problems such as mistaken appointment schedules, long waits, duplicate schedules or problems that are not handled properly. This can create dissatisfaction on the part of customers and cause negative feedback.
  4. Price Issues: If the nail salon offers inappropriate, overpriced, or disproportionate pricing to the service and product quality, customers may feel dissatisfied and leave low-star feedback.

The bad reviews filter function solves the headaches of US, UK nail salon owners

EMS Marketing understands the common problems that these shops often encounter, so it has researched and designed a Web Booking that integrates many great functions including Bad review filtering. It is operated according to the following procedure:

  1. Collecting Reviews: The website collects and stores reviews from users about products, services or businesses, shops, etc.
  2. Validity Check: The site checks the validity of a review, including determining if the review has enough valid information and doesn’t violate the site’s terms and conditions.
  3. Rating Rating: The site categorizes reviews by how positive or negative they are. Negative reviews are determined based on criteria such as negative language, inauthentic content, or violation of the site’s rules.
  4. Show positive reviews: Positive reviews are publicly displayed on the website, allowing other users to see positive reviews of your product, service, or business.
  5. Hide negative reviews: Negative reviews can be hidden or not publicly visible on the site. This helps protect the reputation of a product, service, or business from unauthentic or negative reviews.
  6. Identify feedback: Websites that give businesses or salon owners the opportunity to respond to and address negative reviews. This helps salon owners build relationships with customers and solve problems more skillfully.


In addition to the above function, Web booking also has many other “quality” features such as:

  • Web booking interface: Friendly, beautiful, designed by the IT team with SEO standards to make your website easily accessible to customers on the Google platform.
  • Efficient, detailed and clear appointment management: You can easily view the entire schedule, adjust the appointment schedule, book a new appointment and quickly. This helps shop owners avoid confusion and duplication in scheduling between employees and customers.
  • Automated Reminders and Notifications: Customers and employees will receive email, text or mobile app notifications to remember appointments and be notified of any changes. This helps avoid forgetting appointments and ensures the accuracy and punctuality of the booking schedule.
  • Saving investment costs in purchasing operating equipment such as POS software. Instead, salon owners can use this funding to improve service and pay for employees, ensure reasonable profits, and stay in business for the long term.
  • Detailed revenue statistics: The software helps salon owners identify revenue sources, track and analyze revenues, so you can focus on important revenue streams and develop strategies accordingly.

Not only that, when using the marketing service package of EMS, we will support you in how to approach and build customers through social channels such as Facebook, IG, Tiktok, Yelp, etc. to help shop owners interact and advertise promote to attract new customers, maintain good relationships with existing customers and create appreciation for its services. 

Building and maintaining a loyal customer base is crucial to a nail salon’s success. Bad review filtering is one of the indispensable processes to create prestige and quality for your business. 

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