Top 3 free and safest facebook follower apps in 2023


Today, Facebook is still considered the most popular social networking platform. It helps you reach more of your target users and customers. With that need, creating a user account with a high following will help you build credibility and trust from other users. Let’s learn together 3 software to help increase free facebook followers through the article of EMS Marketing summarized below.

1. Why need to increase followers for Facebook?

Usually, those who need to increase followers for personal facebook are those who need to promote their products to other people (business friends) to create credibility and trust for customers. In addition, another department that wants to increase facebook followers is singers, actors, celebrities who have a small fan base and need to increase the number of fans to promote and get closer to the audience.

In addition, when you have an account with a huge following, you will receive favors from facebook such as:

10k followers, user accounts will open Reply feature in comments
15k followers, account name will be bold
50k followers, the account name will be bolded forever and can appear everywhere.
2. Pros and cons of increasing free followers

Increasing free facebook followers can bring a large number of followers to your account, more people know. From there, the information you post is trusted and shared quickly. For accounts with business purposes, it is possible to increase revenue from selling many products.

However, increasing personal facebook followers with hacking software often does not guarantee the safety of the device as well as the account. Your device may be infected with a virus, malicious code, etc. or have information stolen. In addition, when using the software, your account will automatically make friends, like, comment with strange people and posts that you cannot control.

So you need to consider your needs and purposes carefully before making a decision whether to use free facebook follower software.

3. Top 3 simple and safe facebook follower increase apps

Here are the 3 most popular apps you use to increase your followers that you can refer to.

Note: There are apps that require you to log in with your main facebook account to start increasing your followers. You absolutely do not provide login information according to the above request because it is very easy to lose and be permanently locked out of your facebook account.

A. Facebook likebot

This is the software most known and used by many people to increase followers for fanpage, but it also has the feature to increase facebook followers.

Step 1: Download the software from the link: https://www.fblikebot.net/en/download
Step 2: Access the software
Step 3: Register an account with facebook nick
Step 4: Follow other people’s accounts to accumulate coins
Step 5: After accumulating a specific number of children, you can convert it to the corresponding number of followers

So you can increase cross facebook followers quickly and easily.

B. Mox follow

This is an app to quickly and easily increase followers on fb 2023 for free.

Step 1: You can copy and paste cookies and the left side unlimitedly

Step 2: Get the UID of the facebook nick that needs to be followed by taking the facebook link and pasting it into the web: https://lookup-id.com and clicking ‘Look up’ it will show the UID below

Step 3: Set the number of threads running in the background (more or less depending on your computer configuration)

Step 4: Click run and wait for the results

C. Fplus

This is a software that can use many secondary nicks to increase the main follow nick.

Step 1: Open the software and proceed to enter the token you want to seed

Step 2: Enter the UID you want to increase follow

Step 3: Set parameters and select “Start”

Above are 3 free facebook follower apps that you can refer to and use. Hopefully through this article you will have a significant following to help you build your account.


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