The fastest way to increase followers on facebook and fanpage for free


Fanpage is currently one of the sales channels chosen by many users and businesses. A fanpage that can sell goods is a fanpage with high prestige and trust. And to evaluate this, users will usually look at the page’s followers. So how to increase facebook followers in the most effective and fastest way? Find out with EMS Marketing through the article below.

1. How to increase followers for fanpage for free
A. Create content for articles worth sharing, following the trend

Users today tend to be interested in trends that are loved by many people. Therefore, you can deploy sales with trending content on social networks. However, you also need to note the 2 main points I give the article are:

Must have creativity: even if it is to catch the trend, your content must also be creative and different from the original. Must bring funny and funny elements that will help you increase facebook followers naturally and for free.

Must bring value: even funny content, you also need to invest in content that brings value to viewers.

B. Create beautiful and eye-catching images

The visual element is the first element that makes users observe, read and follow you or not. When designing images you need:

Make sure the images are beautiful, with the content and layout clearly laid out.

The size of the image you design must conform to Facebook’s regulations.

Absolutely do not use images containing logos of other brands.

C. Please post articles in prime time frames

To increase followers from potential customers, you need to choose the right time frame to post the article effectively. Posting articles in the golden hour frame will help increase facebook fanpage followers effectively without cost. Each product will have different target customers, so the posting time frame is also different. You need to know customer insights to be able to choose the right time to post.

D. Please invite your friends to like and follow the facebook fanpage

With newly created pages, the best way to increase real facebook followers is to invite friends to like and follow the page. You can use the following 3 ways:

Click the button to invite friends to like the page as suggested by facebook.

Tag your friends in the posts of the page and ask them to follow

You can tag them in posts you share

E. Let’s create mini game programs

Besides the 4 ways to increase free fanpage follow above, encouraging users to follow the page by organizing minis is also a way that many of you use. Each product and category will have a different mini game program, so you should choose the right program for your product.

For the best results, you should combine the above 5 ways to increase your natural followers quickly. In addition, you can also use automatic follow-up solutions.

2. How to increase followers for fanpage real and fast

There are many apps and software that support increasing facebook followers, but in this article, I will only mention the Facebook Likebot app to increase follow face.

Facebook Likebot is known to many of you as an app to increase likes for fanpage and has built-in personal page follow feature.

A. Features of Facebook Likebot
Increase likes and increase followers
Increase followers for fanpage
Increase likes, increase comments for posts
Increase rating for fanpage

B. Basic Guide to Using Facebook Likebot

Step 1: Open Facebook Likebot software

Step 2: Register your account

Step 3: Accumulate coins by following other people’s facebook pages

Step 4: Enter the link of the page you want to increase followers, then choose to use coin to increase

Above, I have introduced to you two ways to increase Facebook followers effectively, naturally and using software. Whichever method you use, always remember to increase followers sustainably depends on the content you create.


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