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Going beyond the concept of a website, Yelp has become a powerful platform that provides users with a diverse community of reviews of local businesses. Ranging from salons, spas to restaurants and more, Yelp Small Business creates a space for customers to share experiences, express opinions, and make suggestions about businesses they’ve been through. .

Not just limited to a review site – Yelp also represents opinions from a large community of users. This is the stimulus that makes millions of people visit Yelp every month and also an opportunity for you to market your store.

Marketing with Yelp Small Business: Why not?


Yelp is more than just a review site

Usually, people think of Yelp as just a platform for people to make reviews. However, the value of Yelp is huge. Because Yelp is an extremely popular search engine and has an impact on the direct customer base of your store or website. 

With Yelp, power is in the hands of both consumers and businesses. You can find a wide range of reviews and feedback from users, thereby capturing the interests and needs of potential customers: What do they want and what do they need? 

Whether you are a local business or a consumer, Yelp offers you a great opportunity to voice your opinion and promote sustainability.

Quite admiring hits

Based on the numbers shared by Yelp , more than 90 million users visit Yelp every month. This creates a huge opportunity for nail salons and spas to brand and attract new customers.

Yelp provides an area and space for you to share comments, reviews and personal experiences about businesses via text, images, videos, etc., helping the next user to have an overview of the quality of the translation. services and products that nail salons and spas offer.

Therefore, leveraging the power of Yelp to market and build loyal customers for your nail salon and spa is not a bad idea.

A 5-star review is the ticket that opens the door to revenue

Reviewing Yelp online is one of the important elements in a salon marketing campaign. Customers who are looking for local beauty services such as nail, spa, hair salon often come to Yelp first. Or if a potential customer stumbles across your salon on Yelp and wants to use your services, of course they’ll see what other people have to say about you through reviews there. 

Reviews positively influence service decisions, so getting a rating of 5.0 on Yelp is the key to attracting new customers and beating your competition. Because Yelp always prioritizes the top positions for the best quality businesses.

High accessibility to people willing to use the service

To date, Yelp has attracted nearly 100 million reviews and is the first stop for many consumers when searching for Nails, spas, products and services. The number of visitors per month is also very stable which will be a way to help your business get more exposure and promote your salon for free.

Besides the free forms, Yelp also provides paid Ads services to increase the visibility of the business. You can place ads specifically to a group of potential customers, like a specific geographic area or a desired audience. If your business participates in a paid program, Yelp is willing to allow you to remove the display profiles of competitors. 

With Yelp Ads, your salon can get an important position on Yelp search page and can be displayed on competitor’s pages to reach customers who are searching and using the same products. service like the salon you are providing.


EMS Marketing – Yelp advertising agency for Vietnamese businesses in the US

Yelp Ads gives salon owners the opportunity to advertise your business and service listings to millions of Yelp consumers. If you are not a marketing expert, turn to the experts of EMS, Yelp Ads will be created in minutes:

  • Show featured ads on competitor pages to reach customers searching for businesses like yours.
  • The ability to target the leads you most want by location and keywords.
  • Edit or cancel at any time. Pay only when someone clicks on your ad (charges will not exceed the selected monthly maximum).
  • The ability to set a budget that works for you.
  • Customize the ad design and settings to your liking, or let Yelp optimize it on your behalf.

Yelp Ads was born as an opportunity to make it much easier to market your business to potential local customers. With Yelp Small Business Ads, you can stay ahead of the competition with prominent placements, you can target the customers you want. What’s more, you can easily track and manage your ads. 

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